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Types of Skylight

1. Fixed Skylight Windows

One of the most popular types of skylights is fixed skylights. As their name suggests, these are fixed and do not open for ventilation. Basically, these windows are completely closed to the ceiling. This type of skylight is commonly used in low-light areas such as attics and stairs. 90% of the material in a fixed skylight is made of glass. These window frames are made of steel, aluminum, or wood.

These types of skylights are also available with a plastic dome that moves outside it. This is not completely necessary, because when installing these skylights properly, it is very well sealed. The joints always need to be sealed tightly so that the moisture does not go inside and does not cause any problems. Some people prefer to install a sustainable plastic dome for peace of mind.

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2. Tubular Skylight Windows

Tubular Skylights are convenient for a roof that does not have more space on the ceiling. These skylights are fairly compact, but if we install the window, it can provide an adequate amount of extra lighting. Essentially, this is a tube that will start at the top of your roof and go to the room where it is installed. This tube is capable of redirecting natural sunlight under its shaft by the use of optical techniques.One of the most convenient aspects of this type of skylight is that the skylight can be angled to fit in places where other types of skylight cannot be provided. Here the tubular skylight is allowed to wrap around certain design features in the attic. This skylight can be placed in the right place in accordance with the appropriate needs.

3. Tilt Skylight Windows

A tilt window skylight is a different form of a ventilated skylight. This type is a slightly different type of normal ventilation skylight. This type of skylight allows the upper hinge to open the window. This is a convenient way of opening a skylight window, but it comes in personal choice.

These tilt skylights are useful for adding sufficient natural sunlight to any room and look very beautiful in terms of appearance. Opening a window on a spring or summer night, and enjoying it can be an incredible experience. For this reason, installing this type of skylight in the bedroom is a very good choice.

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4. Ventilated Skylight Windows

This is a multi-purpose work type. Ventilated skylights are very useful for air-light ventilation. This type can be the right choice for the kitchen and the bathroom, as it is useful in removing excessive moisture and providing a continuous flow of fresh air. It spreads the light where it is installed. Ventilated skylight is the addition of different types of a new window to the roof of any home.

The only problem with ventilating skylights is that it requires significant space to install so some people stay away from this style. For most people, it is not impractical because in most cases, there is no question of using this type of skylight unless the house is really small.

What Is Skylight Window?

A skylight is a flat window, usually installed between grooved roof tiles. Often these windows can be opened – closed, or top-hung by a center pivot. Skylights can be incorporated into flat roof extensions and are a great choice as a low visibility option from outside ground level.

Installing a Skylight Window

The procedure remains the same whether to replace the skylight window or to install a new window. Remove the old window in the skylight replace so that the opening is available while the opening has to be made to install the new custom skylight window. If the new window is larger than the old one, the opening has to be enlarged with a saw.

Two Different Styles of Skylight Windows

1. Curb Mounted Skylights

Before installing the curb-mounted skylight, it should be understood what the word really means. The curb mount refers to the frame that is made to keep skylights. The frame is high and the skylights are attached to it. This is a simple design that is very effective, and the curb from wood does not take time at all.

These curb-mounted skylights are one of the most popular skylights. They are relatively affordable to buy and they work really well in any room. Curb-mounted skylights are easy to install, so most of the time is spent making a curb. It is necessary to buy a flashing kit to make sure everything is completely waterproof.

2. Deck mounted skylights

Deck-mounted skylights are more latest designs than its cousin curb-mounted. This Design is becoming more and more popular in recent times. The reason is that the skylight itself acts as a curb because there is no need for a “curb” to keep skylights in this type. Some people call this process flush mounting, as the process flush the skylight with the ceiling.

Installing these deck-mounted skylights is somewhat difficult. To get the best results, everything is going to be ok. These styles of skylights become more energy efficient than the curb-mounted style when everything is done properly.

Cost to Replace Skylight

There are several reasons why the range of costs for skylight window repairs becomes very widespread. There are reasons such as replacing a failed crank handle, changing the existing skylight completely and upgrading the skylight, etc.

The cost of changing the skylight is subject to its type, size, material, finish quality, features, etc. The cost of replacement depends on the opening of the roof and the condition of the structure, the type of roof and ceiling and the labor rates, etc.

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