Peter D
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Warwick, Warwickshire


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About Me

I'm in my 70s
Dietary requirements
I am: Always hungry

I'd rather not eat: Fatty food, oysters, raw fish, shellfish, anchovies, olives, raw meat, offal
I'd rather eat: Non processed, ethically sourced food
Cooking for one generally means batch cooking - cook 8 portions, eat one and freeze 7, then when I come back late with little time or inclination to cook, I can knock up a meal in the miucrowave in 5-10 minutes. I usually have a glass or two of wine, red with most things, white or rosé as appropriate. I do a lot of travelling, so there's always different food to sample around the world. Most places there is something to my liking, though some of the more exotic dishes are beyond my taste.

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