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Learn How to Write an Autobiography Step by Step - 2021


Writing a biography is completely different from writing essays in schools and colleges. Even though you will be writing your own story, it will be difficult. Here is an interesting fact, you can also hire a “Write my essay” service to write your autobiography. Cool, right?

However, if you plan to write it yourself, here is a complete guide for your assistance! 


What is an Autobiography? 

Autobiography is a subgenre of biographies, where the essay writer narrates his own story from his own perspective. It is a non-fiction work of writing, written by the writer about himself. There are several types of autobiography that you can select from to write one for yourself. 

An autobiography involves different events experienced by the writer over the course of life. It is also written as a fictional tale, novel, or story. Autobiography is not just about telling stories but a journey of self-discovery. 


An autobiography is a non-fictional narration of a person’s life. It is written by the subject themselves from their own point of view. Autobiography is written in chronological order with the mention of significant events and moments of the writer’s life. 


How to Write an Autobiography? 

There are many ways in which you can write your autobiography. If you are having trouble writing the autobiography, here are some simple steps by an essay writing service to help you get started:


  1. Give a Read to Famous Autobiography

Going through examples always helps in improving the quality of work. There are many famous people who wrote and published their life experiences. To name a few writers that wrote excellent autobiographies, we have Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela, and Katharine Hepburn. Pick the autobiography of a writer you most relate with and give it a read. This will help you get a better understanding of autobiographies, their style, and the concept behind them. 


  1. Think Over Your Life

To share your personal experiences, you must first recall them. Think of all the important events, life-changing moments, important persons, memorable days, and unusual experiences. Take help from your parents, siblings, and friends to come up with something amazing to share. After this, think thoroughly and shortlist the stories you find interesting and are willing to share.


  1. Create a List and Pick One

Autobiography is all about structuring your thoughts and life events. Before writing your autobiography, list down all the main events, memories, and lessons of your life. Divide them into different categories on the basis of times and relationships such as childhood, parents, siblings, teenage, etc. 

After structuring these ideas, pick one event, person, or memory as your thesis statement and start writing your autobiographies. It is recommended to pick the idea that is equally interesting to you and the write my paper readers.

  1. Create an Outline

An outline is a key part of the entire writing process. A detailed structure before you start can make it easier to complete and keep all information in one place. A well-thought outline also keeps you on track while writing and creates a flow in the writing. With an outline, you can also divide your paper writing service into different chapters based on various time periods of your life. 


  1. Edit and Proofread

After writing your biography, it is important to proofread and edit the draft. Check for any grammatical issues, irrelevant information, and spelling mistakes to get rid of them. It is crucial to get rid of any mistakes to ensure that your writing is worth reading. Also, such mistakes present you as an amateur writer, so, it’s best to avoid them!


  1. Get Feedback

Before handing in your autobiography to publishers, it is recommended to pay someone to write my paper. Doing so will help you identify the mistakes you missed and also provide you with a fresh perspective.

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