The Best Russian Fusion Supper Club

7:30pm Sat 27th May 2017

London, United Kingdom

£35  per person

Alla Driksne
I am happiest eating british food in a park while dancing. more about this host

Small talk

Phil | 12 months

Hi Alla, This is my first Meetup, so be gentle with me... I just wondered whether there was parking near your place and if so, whereabouts? I was also thinking of bringing a bottle of wine, as I don't like to turn up anywhere empty handed, but I will not drink more than a glass or so if I drive. Might others help out? Phil

Alla Driksne | 12 months

Hello Phil! Exciting! I look forward to seeing you on saturday! You will be able to park around where there are no residents or lines, several people parked before and it was fine! Yes most people bring their own wine and drinks, and it all gets drunk! hahah so dont worry!!

Phil | 12 months

Hi Alla, perhaps I should get the train in that case... I look forward to a great evening, the menu looks fab BTW... Phil

Alla Driksne | 12 months

thanks so much ;))) I hope you arrive hungry!! :)) it might be easier by a train! how far do you live? look forward to seeing you!

Phil | 12 months

I live near Bromley so it's around an hour by public transport or by car... I will decide tomorrow which mode to use, all very exciting... Looking forward to meeting you and the other guests then...

Alla Driksne | 12 months

sounds great :)) see you on sat!! :)

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