Gregg Wallace at The Hardwick

7:00pm Wed 12th Jun 2019

Abergavenny, United Kingdom

£60  per person

The Hardwick
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Small talk

Hannah Wallace | 1 year

Hi there, my name is Hannah Wallace. My husband (Jonathon Wallace) and I are attending the event with Greg Wallace tomorrow evening (along with another couple, Rebecca and Gareth Burford). I’m sorry for the very short notice (it completely slipped my mind to let you know!) Jonathon has a severe mushroom allergy. Cutlery and kitchen contamination are not a problem, he will only be affected if he eats a mushroom or if something has been slow cooked and the mushroom has effectively ‘fallen apart’ in the dish. We’d be really grateful if this could be taken into account to ensure he enjoys the evening fye

Hannah Wallace | 1 year

Sorry... dropped my phone! ... to ensure he enjoys the evening fully. At the same, I understand the very short notice and apologise again! We’re really looking forward to the event! Kind regards, Hannah (and Jonathon) Wallace

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