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Level 2 Hygeine Certificate

About Me

I'm in my 40s
I am happiest
Eating mediterranean food at a kitchen table while being creative.
Dietary requirements

I'm allergic to: Nothing
I'd rather not eat: Raw meat
I'd rather eat: Ethically sourced food, non processed
My cooking style is North African and Middle Eastern; so really tasty and comforting food, I love to present my dishes in an artistic way. Much of my cooking is in keeping with my Sudanese family background, but I run a weekly cooking and craft group for refugee women of many nationalities, so I’m always learning new things about world food from some excellent home cooks. I cater for private small events as well as hosting dinners. Check out my culinary creations on and follow me on Facebook at

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 1 month

Sunday Dinner for new WeFiFo Guests

Really good company, a pleasure to cook for.

Amani’s Kitchen | 4 months

Didsbury Brunch Party

Top notch

Can't cook, won't cook | 6 days

Sudanese Kitchen Dinner

Beautiful table settings & spot on seasoned delicious dishes made with love!

Helen | 6 days

Sudanese Kitchen Dinner

Very relaxed , food was delicious . Would highly recommend.

Dee Hameed | 1 week

Sudanese Kitchen Dinner

Warm, friendly enviroment. Full of food lovers of all ages and walks of life. I was made to feel very welcome and thats down to the great Host Amani and her husband! Cant recommend them enough. If you ever have a chance to sample Amani's food then its a no brainer. Its delicious and full of flavor. Made some friends and left happy with a full tummy! :D

Taym | 1 week

Sudanese Kitchen Dinner

Amani and Andy are lovely and very welcoming. Amani’s cooking is absolutely delicious with flavours that transport you to Africa, The Middle East and beyond. I left feeling very full and happy. Great evening!

Maryelle Davis | 1 week

Sudanese Kitchen Dinner

Amani is a very welcoming and warm host, and made sure everyone was feeling comfortable and welcomed. The ambient was relaxed and the food was fantastic.