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Maria | 1 month

Indian Street Food with Cuckoo Gin

Thank you so much for coming along to the distillery and for your feedback, it is very much appreciated. There are no cooking facilities at the distillery I have to do the cooking outside on a BBQ and no kitchen so putting these events together is always a compromise. It would have been so lovely to have all the individual parts of the feast on separate plates but I didn't have enough plates and selfishly was just think of the washing up that would have involved, all by hand. I am glad that you enjoyed the food and loved the ambience of the distillery, hosting the events in Brindle rather than at home where I would normally have them is fun and I absolutely love working with the team there but it is a logistical battle and sadly I forgot about the menus so please do accept my apologise. Here's hoping for a peaceful festive season, wishing you all the best for the New Year and raising a gin and tonic to a better 2022.