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About Me

I'm in my 40s
I am happiest
Reading, eating or walking in beautiful places, spending time with family and friends..
Dietary requirements
I am: Vegetarian, on a diet
I'm allergic to: Pets
I'd rather not eat: Marzipan, red meat, fatty food, raw meat, raw fish, offal, shellfish, oysters, blue cheese, anchovies, pork, tofu
I'd rather eat: Halal meat, low fat
I am of South Asian origin & love making and eating a good curry...but I also enjoy making and experimenting with other cultural influences on food from around the world. I am a social worker by trade, a foster mum, wife, birth mother of 3 young male adults and my later life gift of a beautiful daughter age 2... I enjoy hosting gatherings of family and friends around food. I love reading (wish reading burned calories!) and hiking in places of beauty...visiting the Lakes and beaches around the UK... I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and walking/ cooking healthier meals and finding time for self care is on my agenda for the new decade. Looking forward to my first supper club / film experience!

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 3 years

Palace Cinema Supperclub Food and Film

Thank you so much for coming along to dinner and sharing food. I'm still finding my feet at the venue and figuring out how things work so please accept my apologies, I know a couple of the dishes took longer to cook than expected. Hope this didn't affect your enjoyment of the evening and hope to see you again soon, Maria.

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