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Based in Peckham, a cultural and creative melting pot in south London, Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of artisans Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris and Richard Warner.

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Latest Reviews

Clare | 1 week

Knife sharpening and 8 hour smoked lamb

What a great set-up, learning how to sharpen knives from the people who actually make them. Also, above and beyond, my own treasured Japanese knife restored to usability (although I do now need to spend some time using my newly found skills to sharpen it). The smoked lamb brioche hit the spot!

Libby Hawkins | 1 week

Knife sharpening and 8 hour smoked lamb


Theo | 2 weeks

Sharpening with Japanese Whetstones

Very insightful and a different experience! Welcoming us all with a bloody mary went down a storm - thanks to all the forge!

ruffers | 1 month

Sharpening with Japanese Whetstones

Top man. Friendly,engaging, and very knowledgeable.

Jon Stefani | 1 month

Sharpening with Japanese Whetstones

The Blenheim forge gang were hospitable and informative. I left with two super-sharp knives and the skill to keep them so. Also good to know my old French slicer was a thing of envy! Highly recommend.