The Adobros
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Lewisham, London


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Mabuhay! Kamusta ka? How are you? Kumain ka na? Have you eaten? We are The Adobros and we are a Filipino supper club. Our mission? To feed the hungry masses of London with our brand of home-cooked and hearty Filipino food, one meal at a time. Based out of our flat in Southeast London, we have created a dining experience that we feel captures the best of the Filipino food culture we grew up with: the warm welcome, the social sharing, the festive feasting and, of course, the distinctively delicious flavours of our take on Filipino classics. Think of crispy and succulent Adobo Chicken Wings; of luscious and juicy Laing Lumpia; of meltingly tender Lechon Porchetta; of rich and savoury Beef Short Rib Kare Kare; of sweet and indulgent Leche Flan; and think of tropically delicious Buko Pie. Hungry yet? We are! So what are you waiting for? Kain na tayo! Let's eat now!

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Latest Reviews

Maria Volkova | 9 months

The Adobros - a Filipino Supper Club

The food was delicious (especially the dessert) but the wait for starters and the mains was very long.

Valerie Dela Cruz | 10 months

The Adobros - a Filipino Supper Club

Absolutely loved the Kare Kare and the dessert. Was a lovely evening with my friends and nice chat with the host. Already recommended to my friends!