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About Me

I'm in my 30s
I am happiest
in nature, thinking about the world and supporting ways for us all to live more harmoniously
Dietary requirements
I am: Vegetarian, vegan
I'm allergic to: But dairy does not boad well for me currently, nothing
I'd rather not eat: Offal, marzipan, anchovies, shellfish, raw meat, raw fish, red meat, pork, oysters
I'd rather eat: Fair trade, organic, non processed, ethically sourced food, non gm
I'm a conscious individual who strives to bring awareness into all areas of my life.

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Latest Reviews

Andrea Taylor | 2 months

Conscious Dinner Club - November Bliss

Amazing Hosts, really enjoyed their hospitality, ethics, vision and of course their beautiful company!

Julie Perry | 2 months

Conscious Dinner Club - November Bliss

Daniel & Kristina made us feel incredibly warmly welcomed from the moment we arrived. We instantly felt at ease in the soulful environment they had created. Candlelight, beautiful food made consciously and with love and live music which had our 'cups' overflowing. We would love to come again and would whole-heartedly recommend this event to others.

Elaine Hartley | 2 months

Conscious Dinner Club - November Bliss

Daniel and Kristina welcomed us into their home and looked after us all evening. They are warm and friendly and took great care to let us know what we were eating and from where it was sourced. The conversation flowed all evening between lovely people and the music provided by Lucinda and Raphael was wonderful.

Madiha Sosan | 2 months

Conscious Dinner Club - November Bliss

Daniel and Kristina were warm and welcoming from start to end. They were thoughtful of all the guests. The food was absolutely delicious and the live music was incredible. Perfect night.

Alexander | 3 months

Wisdom Talks & Wonderful Broccoli Stalks

10/10 evening! Incredible ethically sourced, vegan food from around the world. Daniel and Kristina's home is very welcoming. I highly recommend this experience to all.