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I'm in my 40s
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Im from the northwest and love sunday dinners and lots of other types of food. im afraid im a bit lazy so any chance to get someone else to make me some nice home cooked food and I am in like a shot

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 3 years

Vietnamese Picky Tea

Thank you so much for your support and orders, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Maria | 3 years

Israeli Breakfast Brunch Banquet

I do love an Israeli breakfast. Thanks for your order.

Maria | 3 years

Greek Inspired Picky Tea

It was so lovely to see you on Saturday - you were the highlight of my day. Cooking is the only thing that's helping me stay sane so thank you for keeping me busy x

Maria | 3 years

Ethiopian takeaway with Lentils

Well, that was a bit different - hope it wasn't too hot for you. Thanks for coming along, cooking is keeping me sane!

Maria | 4 years

Cooking through Ottolenghi

I do love a bit of Ottolenghi, that, your company and sharing food is a great combination.

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