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I'm in my 40s
Dietary requirements

Im from the northwest and love sunday dinners and lots of other types of food. im afraid im a bit lazy so any chance to get someone else to make me some nice home cooked food and I am in like a shot

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Latest Reviews

Maria | 7 months

Cooking through Ottolenghi

I do love a bit of Ottolenghi, that, your company and sharing food is a great combination.

Maria | 8 months

Poetry Sunday dinner with Ian Whiteley

Absolutely one of my very favourite events, Ian is a great poet but it takes an understanding and engaging audience to make this work so thank you so very much for coming along, listening, sharing and being a part of live poetry.

Maria | 8 months

Pork Meatballs

Thanks for coming along and helping raise money for Muscular Dystrophy

Louise Ashworth | 11 months

Mauritian dinner

Luke is a wonderfully gentleman. He was so encouraging and support. Thank you for encouraging me to tell my story .

Maria | 1 year

Eat and Tweet with #FDNWH

Absolutely brilliant, great company, great guest and a pleasure to cook for.