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Latest Reviews

Anya Peach | 1 month

Cookbook Club: Asma's Indian Kitchen

Great to have Su as the table, as always. Still thinking about those potatoes

Anya Peach | 2 months

Cookbook Club: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Su's chocolate mouse was the bomb! Exactly how I used to have them when I was a little girl

Anya Peach | 3 months

Cookbook Club: A Table In Venice

Su was a perfect guest as always! I always get excited when a booking with her name pops up

Anya Peach | 3 months

Cookbook Club: The Joyful Homecook

I love hearing about Su's adventures of getting the ingredients together. Always a good laugh!

Anya Peach | 5 months

Wivenhoe Cookbook Club: Salt & Time

Susan is always a great guest. So happy that she's become a regular at my events