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Latest Reviews

Anya Peach | 1 month

Cookbook Club: Asma's Indian Kitchen

As always so good to have Melanie at the table, her fish curry was something else

Anya Peach | 2 months

Cookbook Club: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Lovely Melanie blew us all away with her beautiful almond cake

Anya Peach | 3 months

Beers, Meats & Treats Supper Club

Melanie is an absolute angel, so great to have her at my house. And it’s always good to have a familiar face at your first big event

Anya Peach | 3 months

Cookbook Club: A Table In Venice

Melanie's meringue and chocolate kisses blew everyone away! Ottolenghi's delis better watch out. As always a perfect guest and I can't wait to host her again tomorrow

Anya Peach | 3 months

Cookbook Club: The Joyful Homecook

Melanie is a great guest and I loved her story of her beetroot dip, which was perfect by the way! Always great to have Melanie at the table.